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detected Dashboard Summary

The detected dashbard is made up of the following parts: 'Create Profile', 'View Profiles', 'Data Dashboard', 'Analytics', 'Configuration', 'Integration' and 'Support'. 


Create Profile

  • Search for a company and import it into the application. 
  • Remove an existing company from the dashboard 

View Profiles

  • View all company profiles 
  • Enrich individual company profiles by adding in company specific insights
  • Search for companies
  • Sort and filter companies 
  • Export company data into an Excel sheet 

Data Dashboard

  • View additional company information not surfaced into the widget e.g. company financials, shareholder details, number of employees, etc. 
  • View all company profiles
  • Sort, search, and filter companies
  • Export company data into an Excel sheet


  • Analytics on imported company data, e.g. insight summaries, country breakdowns


  • Add marketplace name to the widget
  • Add marketplace logo to the widget 
  • Add marketplace insights which will appear on every company in the dashboard 


  • Storefront integration code- Prebuilt integration code to embed the detected widget on your site and show company profiles to your users, integrate detected in 2 steps 
  • Integration Guide - Low level technical guide to integrating Detected into any website and back end systems 
  • API Reference - Open API documentation for the integration APIs, please review the integration documentation before reviewing these, most integrations do not require working with these APIs  
  • Import Status - View company imports via API, check the status, review partial matches and any non matches 
  • Integration Details - Public Key, Private Key, and List ID 


  • A knowledge base with documentation to guide the user through every aspect of the detected platform.