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'Company Status' insight

This insight tells the user whether the company is ‘Active’, therefore a viable trading partner, or not.

 Why is this important? 

The company status is very important as it indicates the current operational status of a company. It indicates whether the company is still functioning or not. This is important to know because it will affect whether it is possible to continue trading with them. 

What is the insight state for this?

detected: ‘Active’ - This indicates that the company is currently trading and regularly files their accounts.

To read more information about the different types of Company Status, please visit the link below.


What should I do with this insight?

If a company does not have this detected insight, then it could insinuate the company is not currently trading. Therefore, you should be cautious when deciding whether to transact with this business. If they are not ‘Active’, then it is highly likely they are not currently trading or filing any accounts, therefore making trade a high risk.