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'Company Age' insight

The Company Age analyses the Incorporation Date of the company and provides insight into how recently the company has been formed. 

Why is this important?

The Age of a company could indicate the level of risk when trading with them. For example, if a company is very young and in its early stages, then they are less mature in terms of stability. In comparison, a company which has been trading for many years is likely to be more established and a lower risk to trade with.

What is the insight state for this?

detected: 'More than 6 months old' - When a company was registered at least 6 months ago

What should I do with this insight?

If the company is less than 6 months old, then it may be a risk to trade with them. You could research into their financial stability to provide some reassurance, whilst also taking the other insights into consideration to aid your decision making.