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Adding Companies

To add companies into your dash board, select the 'Create Profile' tab in the monitoring application.


Firstly, you need to select a country from the dropdown list. There are 165 to chose from.


The country you select will determine the fields that appear for data entry. In general, the entry fields available are; Customer Reference (This is required), Company Name, Company Reference, VAT/TAX Number, Address, City, State/Country/Region, Post/Zip Code. 

The user must input at least 3 fields in order to search for a company (including mandatory Customer Reference number).


Customer Reference - This is the marketplace internal reference ID for each of their sellers. This our database with the marketplaces'. The user can search for a company via Customer Reference. This field is mandatory.

Company Name - This is the registered name of the company.

Company Reference - This is the unique reference number associated with the company. E.g. for GB companies it is the Company's House number, for US companies it is the EIN number.

VAT/TAX Number - The VAT/TAX number is a unique identifier of the company and is created for tax purposes. 

Address - The first line of the company's address

City - The city of which the company is registered in

State/County/Region - The state, county or region that the company is registered in 

Post/Zip Code - The post code or zip code (US) that the company is registered to

Once 3 fields have been entered, the user must click the 'next' button on the bottom right hand side.


The application will then display all companies that it has found which matches your search. 

If the correct company has been displayed, you then click on the correct one, and select 'Submit selected company' on the bottom right of the pop up.

If you can't see the correct company, you can click 'search again' which will take you back to the create profile screen, where you can change your search parameters.